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Play Video Track & Keep Going??

I made a DVD using nero video - I added about 80 video files and set it up to use a simple menu. I am confused now because when I play one of the videos it will only play the videos that are in the selected menu and then it returns to the menu - in other words if there are three videos in the menu it will play those three and then come back to the menu. How do you make it keep going and why is this not default?

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  • Hi Henderson,
    I'm not 100% sure it works ... but if you create the Nero Video project and change the menu settings like this:

    When you are in the Edit Menu Window in Nero Video,Click Customize tab.

    Then proceed to check Disc/project-->Disc setting -->End action-

    If you select "Play next title" it *might* work ... (instead of "jump to Menu")

    I recall some other users had issues similar to yours, but I can't seem to find the threads with a search ...

    Some of the other forum members like Omega Tester or Wither are very good with these questions ... maybe they will pop in later with good advice.
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