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Please help - Nero 2015 Video burning to blu ray

Hi, complete newbie here. I've been bought a blu ray recorder and so purchased Nero 2015 Video (and subsequently burning ROM) to create a blu ray movie from the HD video I've captured on my camcorder.

I've managed to create a video using the Make Advance Movie option. I've then gone to publish the movie to a blu ray disc so that it can be watched on a standard blu ray player and PS3 and it's created the .nrg file.

This is where I'm completely stuck, when I've tried to transfer the file to a blu ray disc, it burns as an .nrg file which can't play on anything. I've tried to burn it as a BDMV file using burning rom, but I get an error as shown

What do I need to do to get the .nrg file onto a blu ray disc so that I can show the video in it's full HD glory? Thanks for any help in advance
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