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Please, how I capture a video in my monitor with Nero 2017 Platinum?

Nero 2017 Platinum not capture a video in my monitor.
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  • Hi Tito-

    Where is the video that you wish to capture? For instance, is it in a camera or on a TV? If the latter is the case, you can use Nero Video, Capture from a Camera or TV. Camera includes a standalone device as well as a webcam on your system. For a webcam, you can also open Make Advanced Movie in Nero Video and select Capture in the Import Files option. If the source video is analog, you will need to have a capture device to convert the analog signal to digital, installed on your system.
    • The video is on the internet and runs on the site, but it is not possible to download, such as streams. Real Downloader downloads in some cases, but in many cases it is not possible. Downloadable software is required, and Nero 2017 Platinum does not have this option. Why not? I need to buy other software ...
    • I don't know where on the internet you're referring to. I used YouTube as an example. oldmickthejoiner (one of the volunteers here) routinely uses "ummy downloader" to download files from YouTube. If you're watching a video on the internet, you can use one of the free screen recorders like BandiCam to record it. If you have Win 10, it has its own screen recorder.
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