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I’m frustrated

Powerpoint import pb


I have problem with NERO video to import powerpoint files .
I select a file powerpoint
I select a slide duration
I push and nothing happens,

Do you know a solution for this?

Thank you
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  • Nicolas,

    If conditions are right, the Powerpoint presentation will be saved as a low resolution .mpg file in a folder within the "Imported video files" folder specified in the Application Settings:

    The .mpg files appear in the Media area.

    Here is a YouTube video showing a single presentation being imported:

    Here is a YouTube video showing multiple presentations being imported:

    So, it can be done!

    The key seems to be to start Powerpoint before importing the Powerpoint presentations.

    This is probably fine for creating DVDs, but not satisfactory for HD video. Two ways to produce HD output:

    1. Export the presentation as a folder of .jpg files and use those like any other pictures to create your Nero video project.

    2. Export a .mp4 or .wmv file directly from Powerpoint. This will maintain any transitions.

    Everything I've said above is a result of trial and error, not knowledge of how the software is intended to function. If you would like confirmation, Nero Tech Support may be able to help (if you are using a recent Nero version).

    Support Issues

    Help with issues involving recent Nero versions can be obtained directly from Nero by using the email contact form at Technical Support via e-mail. This requires a valid product serial number which has the form XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (8 groups of 4 characters/digits separated by dashes. Note: The serial number will not have the letter 'O'. Since this is a public forum, DO NOT post your serial number. If your serial number is not accepted, use the contact form at Nero Customer Service.
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