Problem burning playable DVDs

I recently purchased Burning ROM 2015. I can't seem to burn a playable DVD of any movie (mp4 or avi) stored in my hard drive. I use the DVD-ROM (UDF) function. It burns something to the disc but it won't play on a DVD player. Am I doing something wrong? Or did I waste money on the wrong program?
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  • In order to burn a DVD that's playable in most standalone players, your video files have to be authored (encoded) into the DVD-Video structure (Video_TS). That is done in Nero Video, which you don't have. If you purchased it online from the Nero Online Shop, then I suggest that you send an e-mail to tech support and try to get a refund, since you bought the wrong product. If all you want to do is burn video projects, then you should consider buying Nero Video 2015. If you want to be able to do other things, then I would buy either Nero 2015 Classic or Platinum. The major advantage of Platinum is that it includes the Nero Blu-ray player and many additional effects, themes, menu templates, etc. for Nero Video.

    We can talk more about it. I'm sure you'll have additional questions.
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