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Nero (Official Rep) December 12, 2013 14:15

Project Compatibility over several Versions in Nero Video?


I have bought Nero 2014 Platinum. Can I open a project that I have done in former versions of Nero Suite or Nero Video?


Yes, with Nero 2014 Platinum you will have full compatibility to all Nero Suite and Nero Video/Nero Vision Xtra products since Nero 10.

If you own/use different product combinations see the reference table here:

Note that in some cases users might need to re-link effect or templates assets when asked to (see following qustions)


I have bought Nero 2014 and want to import projects from a former Nero Platinum version. Can I open a former project without losing any assets?


1. In some cases you might need to re-link effect or template assets when asked to by Nero Video after having clicked on ‘open project’.

2. In some cases you might not be able to re-link effects or template assets due the fact that the version in which the original project was created included more features than the actual used product version.

Here is an example

In such cases some of the Theme and Effect assets will be missing as the version in which the project was opened has less themes and effects as the original one.

In any case the project should be able to open with all private user assets and those NV Theme/Effect assets as available in the given version.

In any case the entire user assets should be imported no problem (except of case 3 below that is a user created problem). Effect/template sequences might have to be re-worked.

For an overview of Nero 2104 version delta check the table above


Can it be that with the new version I have lost my project assets?


Handling of private user assets when opening former projects is independent of using a new version.

In case you have changed the folder path on your system for photo/video/audio assets used as footage in your Nero Video project since you have opened the project last time Nero Video asks for re-linking your first private asset to the new folder path. In many cases re-linking the first asset will be enough to re-link all your private assets in one go (given you had moved the whole folder and did not delete individual assets).

For preventing this to happen make sure to keep track of your assets and not to change folder paths on your system related to existing Nero Video projects.
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