I’m furious

PURCHASE Platinium 2015 with no working recode and proposing to RE purchase

I had 2014 Pt installed with no problem. I removed it (cleanely with a third party soft, not with Nero uninstall which does not uninstall properly) and then install Pt 2015 with my PURCHASED license number.
First time I used Nero recode I receive a message telling that my trial version (??????) needs to be upgrated in order to be able to import a DVD (I had no problem with Pt 2014 with same DVD) and a web page opens proposing to RE PURCHASE Pt 2015 ?????
So I decide to restore my computer (Drive image) with the image saved just after installation of Pt 2015. When trying again to start Nero, a message ask me to register; I register and then start Nero recode : a message : This release has already been registered... why do you want to register again ? My answer "technical problem". Re registration OK and...... RE OPENING a web page proposing to RE purchase and download a new release of PT 2015. I HAVE PAID FOR MY SOFT AND WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO USED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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