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I’m frustrated

Recode Freezing up

When ever I try to recode a movie it always freezes up. It does it with one or more videos selected. Have to reboot the PC to get it back to desktop. I'm using Nero 2015 Platinum and also have an issue with the templates not allowing me to play a movie. I have tried on different BluRay players and it wont play. Have even deleted and re-installed with the same results. Not very happy.
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  • Hi Steve-

    Which version are of Nero are you using?

    If your computer is completely shutting down during the encoding operation, then your CPU is overheating. Check all the vents for the case to make sure they are clean and check the fans (expecially on the CPU to make sure they are working and are clean. This is tough if you have a laptop.

    You should create a different thread on the other issue. Be very specific about what you're doing and any error messages.
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