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I’m annoyed

Recode Nero Launcher 2014 to allow main window resize!

The highly regrettable fact that the main window of the 2014 version of Nero Launcher (just called "Nero 2014" on the desktop) cannot be resized is unacceptable, and should be corrected.

Practically the whole world of rational critics brutally -- and entirely justifiably -- attacked Windows 8 precisely because of this exact same flaw in its user interface. It's full-screen "tile" interface was almost universally held to be completely wretched! It might be fine for 7-year olds, but most everyone else hated it with extreme passion.

Even Microsoft backed down on that foolish decision and released Windows 8.1 to address the extreme backlash from their customers.

This is an extremely easy thing to fix in the code. In fact, your developers had to go out of their way to break it in the first place, by perverting the rational default settings within their development system.

It is true that the individual apps can be launched separately, and I agree that this is a satisfactory interim work-around, but why produce a program that MUST be worked around in the first place? This was a badly flawed design decision, and truly should be re-thought.

Thank you.
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