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Reduce Hard Disk Space!

I try to not install Nero Suite. Why:
"Minimum system requirements for Nero 2014 Platinum
5 GB hard drive space for a typical installation of all components (including templates, content and temporary disk space)"

Since using SSD as system drive I prefer using software that not spend too much hard disk space.

Secondly: Tools that I use most are (still) missing in Nero Suite:
-Hypercam: very good screen-recorder w/o audio-sync issues, if using right codec/settings (limited disk space!)
-Video Splitter: very fast, handy video splitter w/o need of recoding! (limited disk space!)
As alternative to Nero Video (last usage 2011) I use a more limited video-editor, but sufficient for me, normally I do not need PIP or other advanced effects.
My last usage of Nero Recode is 2010. It was the only (at that time Handbrake has not been tested) video-converter that was able to convert framerate of 29fps to 25fps w/o stuttering!!
So Nero Suite is a kind of spare wheel for me, I only install/purchase it, if it makes the difference;-)
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