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Refreshing Music Library

I have Nero2016 Platinum and my Music library got corrupted. I removed everything from the library. Nero will not perform a scan to refresh the list. I even resorted to uninstalling and reinstalling Nero. How do I force Nero to rescan?
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  • Hi John-

    Since you deleted everything from the Library, it won't scan anything when it opens.

    If you want it to scan your whole hard drive/SDD and any attached storage devices every time it opens, click on Add Automatically in the Library. I don't recommend this since that can take a long time. I usually recommend that a user manually add the folder(s) which contain media and, which are most often used, to the Library.

    If one has NMH 3.6.1045 (NMH 2018) and, I think, the version in v2017) there is an option to copy the Library in the case one needs to recover it.
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