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I’m Poopy

Removing unused media from a Nero Video11 project.

I've used Macromedia Director (Years ago and WHEW! Dinosaur!) and I've used several versions of Flash. I bought The Platinum 11 suite years ago.

I guess because I'm used to Professional graphic design and Multimedia design apps, I tend to import everything (EVERYTHING!) I might want or need, then strip out unused media before I export / burn. I'm also spoiled because my DAW software, Ableton Live 9 has a "collect all files and save" AND/OR a utility to "strip out" unused media files.

Is there ANYTHING like that/those in Nero Video11? btw, KwikMedia isn't the answer.; It can't find UNUSED files in a saved Video11 project that I've found anything posted on.

Sorry for the book... but if there's no utility for this, then this is a stupid oversight imho
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