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Save music from video file.

Hello. I try to separate a music track from a video file, but the Music Grabber can’t find any clips. What I did wrong? I need a soundtrack from the video.

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  • This is taken from Nero KnowHow, which I don't know whether you have in the 2014 version (if not, you can download it from google or windows store). Maybe it can help you:
    In the Music Grabber window all settings for identifying music clips in video clips can be selected. Recognized music clips can be inserted into the project or can be saved as a pure audio file that is separate from the video. In the saving, Nero Video supports the WAV, MP3, WMA, and Ogg formats.
    Define your desired settings in the Settings area in the top left area. The Sensitivity slider defines the sensitivity of the auto-recognition. A higher sensitivity has the result that also small indications to music clips will be recognized as hits and shown as results. The found music sequences are shown on a film strip. At the top right in the preview area, found sequences can be played back and, if necessary, detailed corrections can be carried out.
    In the preview area with the aid of the position marker on the scroll bar you can move to a specific position within the video title. You can also use the Position buttons next to the time code display. A start and end marking is shown on the picture list of the preview area for each found music clip. Furthermore, the following buttons are available:

    Starts playback.

    Pauses playback.

    Stops playback.
    Shortens the music clip between the start and position markings or the position and the end markings. The music clip can also be customized by moving the start and end markings on the scroll bar.
    This item is only displayed if the position marking is placed on the picture scroll bar. Otherwise a gray button is shown.
    Additionally, the following buttons are available in the window:

    Starts the search in the selected video clip.
    Add to project
    Cuts out found sequences from the whole movie and inserts the desired music clips into the project.
    Save to file(s)
    Saves desired music clips as pure audio files.
    In the saving, Nero Video supports WAV, MP3, WMA, and Ogg formats.
    Cancels the procedure and closes the window.
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