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Seamless splicing

Looking for tips on how to seamlessly splice videos together without audio clipping and smooth transition
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  • Hi Rus-

    I'm assuming you simply want to put videos together.

    If you start out in Nero Video and select any of the "Make" options, there should be no problems.

    For instance, if you use Make Advanced Movie, simply import your videos. Then drag and drop the first one you want to use onto video track 1. Then drag and drop the second one onto video track 1 such that the front end of it is up against the end of the first one. You will see little white triangles when they are merged. Continue with as many videos as you like. If each one has it's own audio, it should play back seemlessly when you play the project. If you want to make the transition from one to another a little softer, you can add an audio fade out/fade in to the end and beginning, respectively, of each video.

    In Make Express Movie, just add each video to the one of the boxes in the storyboard. You can also add transitions, if you wish.

    If you want to cut videos and merge the remaining parts, that's something else and we can also provide help with that.

    Does that help?
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