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I’m frustrated

Series of Nero 12 update problems

I first tried to install the Nero 12 Content pack. It failed with a 1603 error. I tried disabling my antivirus but that didn't help. The log file disappeared to where I can't find it but I can recreate it if it would help. Then, as an alternate approach, I tried to update the individual packages starting with Nero Burning ROM 12. I got to the Serial Number Entry dialog and entered my serial number (101A- beginning number) and got the following response: The serial number you have entered is a valid Nero serial, but is not valid for this application. "The heck it isn't" was what I yelled at my computer but 'heck' isn't what I said. Does this really need to be this hard?

Excuse me if I seem a little perturbed at the moment but losing an afternoon on this isn't what I had in mind. Could someone please just help me get to the point that all my Nero 12 apps are up to date? I'm sure I'm not at the moment because when I started one, it told me there was an update available. It was at that point that I decided to do a check and make sure everything was up to date. Thank you.

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