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Slide-Show Problem

I'm currently using Nero Platinum 2017 on a Windows 10 PC.
I'm trying to create a slide show of images in the same way as I used to with my old Nero 7. Upon reaching 1970 images Nero tells me that there is no more room/space for anymore images. There has to be something I'm not doing right. With the old Nero 7 program I was able to drag-n-drop no more than 99 images at a time thus creating a Volume of images with 99 images in it. I then had to click the 'create slide show' option/button in order to continue with another 99 images. So long as I didn't exceed 99 Volume's of 99 images in each volume I could load all of that before reaching the limit. But now I can't even get passed 1970 images.
Where am I going wrong ?
Please help.
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