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I’m need a solution

Solutions for Nero 2015 Platinum modules always load then immediately stop running on my HP desktop which is running on windows 7 Ultimate?

For example, Nero Home Media automatically loads and then crashes. Nero Video 2015 will not work either, yet on this HP computer, Nero 11 Video works well . On my Dell workstation using Windows XP, each of Nero 9, Nero 11 and Nero 2015 work perfectly. I have bought several licenses.

Nero 2015 installed well according to its log (and Nero techs), but then the program will not run. Uninstalled all the older Nero versions, ran the Nero FirstAidKit and then downloaded and re-installed Nero 2015 Platinum. Still the latest program crashes.

My HP PC meets all the system requirements for Nero 2015 Platinum that are listed on the website. Win 7 Ultimate is completely updated, protected and has no software bugs. Running Malwarebytes and Norton Internet Security and Utilities on both my PCs.
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