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Some rethinking of the Nero UI

I'd really love it if Nero would give us the old interface back as an option.

I have 2014 Platinum, and really dislike the outcome-based UI. I guess I'm a menu kind of guy, because they let you focus on the steps you want to take, rather than only having the means to endpoints the designers thought were common to the most users. I find the interface of the last few versions often doesn't seem to accurately reflect what I'm trying to do, and then it's actually *more* difficult to step through it to get where I want to go. It's that second level of "let's break this down into steps" that is too poorly supported by the current UI.

People work differently, I know, which is why I suggested the interface should have options. My own ideal would be the more step-oriented menu structure as a default, and the end-result-oriented interface Nero has now as available "wizard" routines.

It seems Nero, like so many apps (and Windows itself), wants to be seen as seamless with the smartphone-style interface. But it's not always very helpful.
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