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I’m frustrated

The "BURNING" question

I have NERO Multimedia Suite 10 installed on my computer. I have created an MP4 video using Movie Maker. What do I have to do to get my production to burn onto a DVD. I have managed to get it to work just twice. The creations that burnt for me were of similar content and are much larger files that the ones I am attempting to do now. PLEASE HELP this little old lady to get the job done before I pass on!
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  • Hi Leanne,
    If you want a DVD that plays on a "standard" DVD player ...

    You would need to launch Nero Video. (or Nero Vision in version 10?)
    Then import your MP4 video file.
    Click "next"
    Select a Menu for you DVD (If you want one) or select do not create a menu.
    Click "Next"
    Click "Next"
    Then burn to your DVD burner.

    Then Nero Video will do the "transcoding" and burning to your Blank DVD disc.
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