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Trouble getting Nero Platinum 2018 to install

Am having trouble installing Nero Platinum 2018. Get error the wizard was interrupted before Nero 2018 could be installed. Disabled anti virus and ran Nero delete tool and still no luck. I ran Nero 2016 and I have no problem. I am using Windows 10
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  • Note that there is no Nero "delete tool" for any versions other than v7 through 9 (Nero General Clean Tool). All other versions should be uninstalled via Control Panel.

    There are a ton of reasons for that error. However, you might go here-

    C:\Users\"your username"\AppData\Local\Temp

    and check for a folder named Neroxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx where the x's are digits and run the .msi for the suite from there.

    Elsewise, I suggest going here-

    and submitting the contact form.

    Since you have v2016 installed, I would suggest a utility to run but I'm not sure what it would do to v2016.
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