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Trouble un installing Nero completely.

I had to replace my hard drive. Windows 10 pro was installed and the tech threw in a few more items. Nero 9 was installed. I had a Nero 11 disk. I attempted to install
Nero11 and it said that it had to uninstall Nero 9. I thought I had 9 unstalled and Nero 11 installed properly. Infact I was asked to update it with the latest updates. I did update it and now it will not work properly. I can not unstall it either. I have attempted several times. Any help in getting this program uninstalled would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Hi Steven-

    There shouldn't have been any need for v9 to be uninstalled to install v11 since both are compatible with one another. Maybe it's a Win 10 thing since neither one is Win 10 compatible.

    How did you uninstall v9? Since it didn't use a Windows installer, one doesn't uninstall it from Control Panel. One uses the Nero General Clean Tool. If you don't have it, you can get it here-

    It shouldn't affect your v11 installation.

    In regards to the v11 problem, please describe what doesn't work in detail and provide any error messages.
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