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Trouble Using Nero 2015 Package to Capture Date from Sony HVR-Z1U Camera.

I was hoping to purchase a Nero 2018 Package but first tried my 2 Sony HVR-Z1U cameras on my friend's 2015 Package without success. Has anyone any suggestions please.
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  • Hi Willie-

    Is it that you can't capture the Date, as you stated in the thread title, or that it can't capture video?

    Does the camera show up in the Control Panel, Device Manager when you connect it to the computer?

    Have you turned it on after connecting?

    Have you installed the software that came with the camera?

    I don't have time tonight to look at the manual for your camera to see how it records\saves video and how it attaches to a computer, amongst other things.
    • Have you had time to look at any of the things I mentioned?

      From the manual, I see that your camera records to cassette tape. As such, you will need a capture card.

      It also uses for the output connection so you would need a IEEE 1394 port on the computer (I think most computers have that).

      To capture from the capture card to Nero Video, the camera needs to be running and in VCR mode.
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