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Trying to burn data DVD, with no I too old and dumb, is my system incapable, or is it some combination of the two?

Hey, I've got Nero 8, on my old POS PC, Windows XP- I'm trying to burn/back-up music/video files onto blank DVDs- burn a data disc- when I put blank DVD in, open Express Essentials, say "burn data DVD",it says "this compilation cannot be burned on selected recorder" (my D drive : "D: HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC 4522B") ... and then... "Should Nero Express automatically change to an appropriate recorder?"....well, gee, that sounds great, but then the D drive option disappears and "Nero Image Recorder" becomes the only option ...this is just writing a copy to my hard drive, right? Do I have to copy an entire 'whatever' onto my hard drive and THEN select THAT file to write to disc? Or is it telling me my disc writer will not write to DVD blanks? What's going on here? Shouldn't it 'let' me write onto a blank DVD? How can I tell if it's a "system requirements' inadequacy, or just me being too dumb to operate? (I use it to burn CDs and mp3 jukebox discs w/o too many problems....)
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