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Unable to rip purchased disks as the product description suggests

Unable to rip commercial disks with Nero 2015 onto my mobile devices as it states in the description - essentially mis-sold product - especially since the law has been changed in the UK to allow this.

From the product description on the nero website;

"From Disc to Smartphone & Tablet. In One Go
1-Click-Conversion: Tired of buying the same movie twice on your tablet, when you got it at home on DVD or Blu-ray? Enough of that: Just connect your device to your PC and insert a disc into the disc drive. Nero Disc to Device will do a 1-click conversion of your DVD-Videos, AVCHDs, Blu-ray DiscsTM)1 and Audio CDs straight to your device and even to your DropboxTM, OneDrive or Google DriveTM with the best quality possible."

This sentence implies it is possible to rip "purchased" dvds to your mobile devices but you cannot. Will this be resolved or is there a money back guarantee for mis-sold products?
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