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I’m frustrated

uNeroErr.dll is missing Nero 9 Essentials

I have Nero 9 Essentials, I get the error everytime I try to run this program. My PC tells me to try reinstalling the program, which I have done no good. I have search the files after installing, I do find that two files of the above name are included in the install. I ddon't know how many there should be??? I know this is a fairly ancient prog, but it was working until a few days ago. Then WINDAZ 1o PRO decided to update. Anyone got ANY ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Randall Green
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  • I don't know which OS you're using but unless you have v9.4.26 or later, v9 is only Vista or XP compatible.

    I suggest going to, downloads, previous products downloads, other versions and downloading v9.

    Right click on the installation file and select Properties. In the Compatibility tab, set it to Vista or XP. Apply the change. Also, check the box to "run this program as administrator."

    Run the installation file. You will still have an Essentials version but it will be more up to date.

    Does that help?
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