Unknown entry in some of my posts (republished)

I have published this post already once this morning, but I don't see it after open the forum new, therefore still again.

In some of my posts an entry is automatically created, NeroAG or Nero (see screenshot).
1. What is the reason for automatically creating this entry ?
2. What is the purpose of this entry ?
3. Why the distinction between NeroAG and Nero (I thought there is only one Nero community) ?
When I click on this entry, I got a display of the Recent Activities list (under Overview). That makes no sense in my opinion.
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  • You can find "community-powered support" (as they call it) by many other companies here on Get Satisfaction. AFAIK, you can use the same log-in for all communities, so each entry that's shown on your "Activity" overview has the community name in brackets after the topic title to show you to which community the topic belongs.
    "Nero AG" is used for the English community, "Nero" for the German one (they count as two different communities, hence the different names).

    PS: Your first post regarding this topic is here.
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