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Urgent - MediaHome Changed Home Network

Platinum 2018 installation automatically enabled MediaHome Media Server in Windows 10 File Explorer Network Folder.  Discovered this only after my home computer network HomeGroup paths were changed to list media devices instead of my HomeGroup.  Disabled Media Server.  Deleted media devices from Devices and Printers.  But my File Explorer Network Folder still shows the Nero Media Server selections and I cannot access my HomeGroup.  How can I get my HomeGroup restored?
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  • After getting no forum solution on this, posted again asking how to uninstall MediaHome.  Employee response to use Window10 Programs and Features.  Was concerned that selecting Nero in Programs and Features would potentially would not give me a modify option and instead just uninstall the entire program. But it worked.  Also pleasantly surprised to find my home network was put back in place after a restart.
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