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I’m anxious

Using Cover Designer for direct disc printing with a Canon Pixma ip7250.

I have used Cover Designer with many Canon Printers over the years to print CDs and DVDs using the inserted tray with great success. My last printer, a Pixma ip4950 has had to be replaced and I have just bought a Pixma ip7250. I have found that I cannot select the CD tray in the source dropdown in the setup, as with previous models. It only shows 'cassette' with no other option and consequently prints only on paper.

I have managed to access the tray using Canon's own supplied CD printing program, but this is hopeless, as it does not allow the printing to go near the centre for full face printing. It leaves a large white unprinted space around the centre.

I have lots of Cover Designer files I need to be able to print from, but now find I can't.

I did find the tray settings for the printer from another source who seemed to have been successful in printing CDs etc. Unfortunately I can't find that link now.

Has anyone been successful in direct disc printing on the ip7250 and if so, HOW?

Thanks in anticipation.
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