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I’m frustrated

Vanishing act

Following a recent update to my Nero Media Home 2016 I am no longer to make DVDs from downloaded movie files. Nero takes an age to transcode the file and then the whole thing just disappears. Gone, vanished! When I re open Nero it has no 'memory' of the file it's just transcoded.
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  • The time it takes to transcode depends on your system configuration. However, you might need to cleanup temporary files on your C: drive.

    Go to Start, Programs or All Programs and select Accessories, System Tools. Run the Disk Cleanup utility. When it says how much space it can recover, enable Temporary Files and Recycle Bin. When it's finished running, reboot. If you have a SSD and Win 8 or later, the Trim function should run automatically to recover the space. If you have a hard drive, you might want to do a defrag but it's not absolutely necessary.
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