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I’m frustrated

Very bad support / Nero Patent Activation

Every year, I buy Nero Platinum Suite ever since 2011 until now.

Due to the fact that I format a lot, and got tired with the Patent Activation blacklisting my serial number due to reinstallations ignoring the fact that it's on the same PC. Support used to send me a separate Nero Recode Activation serial number which I would then just copy/paste into the Nero Control Center and I would no longer be prompted for the patent activation when using Nero Recode.

Now every year I have to go through the same hassle explaining the same thing over and over again to the next agent as some of them are clueless as to what is the Nero Activation Key I am asking for (it's simply the Nero Recode activation key)

Now I created a request and got a reply from a guy named Joergen who had no idea what I am talking about and even told me that I don't need any key to use Nero Recode and if I did get a prompt to enter a key, to send him a screenshot. I am baffled with this kind of n00b request, he has no idea how their own software works!

Someone from the management please contact me to get this resolved I am tired of doing this every year! There should be a better way of putting this patent activation drama to an end or a smarter way to ensure that a customer is in fact only using it on one PC!
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