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Very Upset

I paid for the Nero 12 Suite which included Nero Wave Editor. Wave Editor will not save more than 46 minutes and 36 seconds, and I am being refused support with this product. If I am not assisted fixing this issue I will never purchase another product from Nero EVER again. Also, I will let every one I speak to regarding software know why I will never purchase anything. This is absolutely ridiculous that I paid as much as I did for this product and Nero makes it so difficult to receive support. If I cannot get support for a paid product at least suggest another software that I can use to record our church services.

I also need assistance finding my serial number because when I go to it goes directly to the forum.
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  • Hi Jeffrey,
    If your Nero 12 is still installed, the serial number will be showing in the Nero ControlCenter / Serial Numbers section.

    You can right-click on the number in there and copy it (39 characters long including the hyphens) ... this can then be pasted to a text file for example.

    If Nero is not installed ....

    If your computer has not been reformatted or had the operating system upgraded, the serial number could be in the registry still ...

    If you do a Windows "Run" command and enter regedit

    This is the registry tree place to look... if you drill down through the regedit tree display ...

    On 32bit-systems please follow the path:

    On 64bit-systems please follow the path:

    -> Your serial number is displayed next to the "Serial11" entry. It is structured as follows:

    At this location in the registry, over on the right ... you should see the serial numbers.

    Your serial number would start with either 901E- or 101E-
    or 901A- or 101A-

    As for WaveEditor, since it is a free product, Nero does not support it.

    (They actually don't officially support Nero products other than those of Nero 2015 and later.)

    I'm just a fellow customer, not a Nero rep BTW.
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