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Video rotation (part of it) + Audio enhance

Hello , i want to rotate a video , a part of it. So rotation from properties is not an option.
Also there are no audio effects . I want To enhance and clear the voice but there is nothing there
I use Nero Vision Extra
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  • I'll assume you're using Nero Vision Extra in v10. With the video on the timeline, click on the scisssors. Hover them over the video where you want to start your rotation and click. Repeat at the end. You may want to zoom the timeline to be more precise. You can also use the jog wheel for positioning to set the exact point. Once done, click on the selection arrow (white arrow). Move the red positioning line over the part you have delineated by the cuts. With the effect palette open, the properties will be show. One of them is Rotation. You can then rotate the portion you delineated, as desired.

    If you want to edit the properties of the audio file for the whole video, I suggest doing so before doing the above. Right click on the video and select Unlink Video and Audio. Then, select Export and Export Audio to File. Export it and then edit it with WaveEditor. When done, save the file. Then, delete the audio in Nero Vision and import the modified audio file and add it to the audio track.

    There's probably a number of ways to do all the above but those are what come to mind.
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