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Volume "Normalization" or VLN for SD cards and USB Flash Drives

With CDs soon to be like cassettes, 8 tracks etc, I think it's time Nero jumped ahead and started a feature to add "Volume Normalization" to any media or mp3 files dragged over and dropped into a USB flash drive or SD card.

New cars no longer have CD drives and Home Entertainment is moving away from CDs as well...SDs and USB drives are the new "Norm" and are also MUCH easier to transport and hold MUCH more!

Currently Nero only focuses on CDs and BlueRay discs. The future is with removable drives so you need to get crackin' if you want to stay in business!

Nero PLEEEEEEase consider updating your software to include removable drives (SDs and Flash or USB Thumb drives) with "Volume Normalization!"
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