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Wav-editor: volume effect between two mixed tracks

Hello. I have mixed two music compositions and I need volume effect between those. I want to reduce volume at the end of the first track to the zero as smoothly as increase at the start the second track to a normal volume value. It must be done in the selected time fragment. I cannot do it by the functions in the program without user manual. Asking a help to find the user manual or explain how to do this.

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  • Hello Vladimir-

    I don't know what you mean by mixed. I don't think you can do that in WaveEditor. You would need to use SoundTrax.

    If you want to have two audio files end to end with a fade out and fade in and want to use WaveEditor, open the first file. Then select Edit, Insert File and browse to and insert the second file to the end of the first. Then, select the area at the end of the first file where you want the fade out and add it. Then select the area at the start of the second file where you want to fade in, and add it.

    I've added a screenshot showing that.

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