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waveditor installation fails

nero waveditor installation fails on my existing Nero 2014 and Nero 2018 platinum trial version. error message states there is not enough space in the target directory or a newer version is available (this is the newest version downloaded from nero).
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  • Hi Ernest-

    That's a tough one. WaveEditor had to be installed as a standalone after installing v2014, as well as v2018. If you did that after installing v2014 and then installed a later version of WaveEditor, the first standalone version would be over written.

    The first error message begs the question- How much free space do you have on your C: drive?

    In regards to the second error, I would go to Programs and Features in Control Panel and uninstall all instances of Nero WaveEditor. This assumes you only have v2014 and v2018 installed. In that case, I would only expect one instance to be there.

    Then, I would go here-

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero

    and delete the Nero WaveEditor folder.

    In the v2014 NeroControl Center, Serial Numbers, remove Nero WaveEditor. Do the same thing in the v2018 Nero ControlCenter.

    Then, run the latest installation file from, downloads.

    Does that help?
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