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what does it mean "subcription" in Nero Platinum 2019

I buy Nero Platinum 2019 via 2Checkout. I thought this is the full software; i.e. no expiration, no monthly/yearly fee.

When installing it, I see the software is called "Nero Platinum 2019 Subscription". Why is it called Subscription? Will it be expired? Will I be required to pay addition fee?
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  • Hi-

    If you purchase a subscription, that means you need to pay a fee every year. However, that entitles you to the next version.

    If you only want to pay once, you would buy the "unlimited" version. Any upgrades to a later version would require you to pay the going price for that version. (those versions may be periodically at a lower price so that you don't have to pay the full price).
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