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What exactly is Nero MediaHome Sync?

I have Nero 2016 - Nero MediaHome Version 1.36.500 and when I attempt to copy music to a USB connected device a pop-up advises I can only copy 20 items unless I get Nero HomeMedia Sync. I am unable to find this standalone product for info or purchase. I will not purchase it, or a bundle that includes it, unless I can verify exactly what it does and what it supports. Where is the info on this product's features?
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    You need a platinum version to get the sync option. That option allows you to import files from an external device that you have connected to your system into Nero MediaHome. If the device is connected and the files on the device are changed, they will also be changed in Nero MediaHome. Nero discontinued the sale of Nero MediaHome plug-ins back around December of last year. You would need to upgrade to Platinum, if I'm correct.

    I have no idea where the 20 items limitation comes from. Perhaps it's a limit on the total size of the files you want to copy. In the forum, we've found that there seems to be a size limitation of about 4.3 GB when trying to burn a Nero Video project to a USB thumb drive. Perhaps, it's the same thing here. I don't know.

    In your case, I would select the Send To option after you have selected a number of files.

    Perhaps the best solution is to go to, support, contact, technical support and submit the contact form. If you go this route, please let me know what they have to say. It would not only help me help others or help anyone who happens to read this thread. That's what the forum is for.
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