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I’m confused

What is the step by step procedure for making a duplicate of a DVD-R video?

Please provide a step by step procedure on making a duplicate of a DVD-R Video?
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  • Hi David,
    Provided that the DVD is not "copy protected" ...

    One of the simplest methods would be to use Nero Burning ROM to copy the DVD.

    Have a blank DVD-R disc ready to be copied to.

    Open Burning Rom, place the DVD to be copied into the DVD drive, select the Copy Disc icon on the toolbar and let Nero read the disc to be copied, it will ask for a blank when ready to burn the copy.

    Or, in the New compilation window, choose DVD from the top left drop-down, then select "DVD Copy".

    If the DVD is "copy protected" then it will not be possible to do the above.
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