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What KnowHow App needs to be ready to replace manual

Android on Samsung Galaxy S2
#1. normal exit to quit
There is no way to finish it without ending process kind of procedure
#2. Bookmarks to get to parts you often visit
#3. Zoom with gesture on screen - some parts are not readable even
#4. Connect to account that has serial number and other things
I entered one support ticket - and it took five minutes just to enter serial number manually.
#5. Settings to choose to follow certain parts of products and manuals - and make those parts visible as favourites.
#6. Make app accessible for download from Nero site
I don't have Google account, and do not intend to have Google snooping in my private matters getting one - so I have to look up the apk-file over search engines, upload to my site and send email with link that I empty and click on to download apk-file. As I understand there will be frequent updates on this.

I find the manual for Nero Video 2016 which is really good. But there is a long way before the app replace this - on this tiny screen as a phone is.

So please give us pdf manual for Video 2017 - as the app eventually matures in some years ahead.
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