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What happened to my filename's capital letters?

Using Nero 2014 Video Trial (and Nero 12 Platinum) on Windows 8 Pro, I have found instances where long filenames on my D: partition show up in Nero Video in all lower case. One is on the Content screen for imported files; another is on the Folder options dialog. Filenames from my C: partition appear as they should.

I reported the Content screen problem to Tech Support and was told it could not be replicated. I responded with the picture attached here that makes the problem really, really obvious and undeniable. The response to that was that upper and lower case are not important in the Windows OS, only in Linux! I replied that the lowercase is in the Titles that appear as Menu entries, thus requiring editing at that stage. I asked him to have it fixed. I am waiting for a response to that.

While I recognize that this is not an earth-shaking issue, it does illustrate the non-responsiveness of Tech Support to individual problems no matter the severity. So, that's it. Anyone else out there?

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