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When creating a DVD with Nero Video the film credits at end of video blurred

When I convert an MP4 file to a DVD using Nero Video, the film credits at the end of the video (which scroll down the screen) look blurred and bitmappy - and yet if I convert the MP4 and burn it to a DVD using a different software package, the film credits look absolutely fine. (The problem with using that different software package is that it's menu creation tools are good enough). I get this problem regardless of whether I create a menu in Nero or not, and regardless of whether I burn from Nero Video straight to the DVD or whether I create an image file using Nero Video first, and then burn that using Nero Burning Rom.

I have Nero Platinum 2015, and am using Windows 7.

I would be willing to upgrade if this is a known problem with Nero 2015, and if it has definitely been fixed in later versions. Better still would be if there is a workaround that solves this issue in my existing version of Nero.

Can anyone advise me?

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  • Hi Dave-

    Do you have all the v2015 updates installed as determined by running the check for updates from the Nero ControlCenter?

    Would you have a problem sharing the video by uploading it to a site such as and then sharing it there, creating a link and providing the link to it here so that we can download and test it? If it's too large you could cut and export it to file and then upload that file.
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