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When will End of Life MSXML 4.0 code be Replaced with MSXML 6.0 code?

Microsoft ended support for Service Pack 3 of MSXML 4 on April 12th, 2014.
Will Nero upgrade code to MSXML 6.0 as suggested in ref eol annnouce?

I recently re-installed Nero Platinum and noted it installed msxml4 and windows update immediately prompted to download Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 3 for x64-based Systems (KB2758694) Jan 2013.

MSXML 4 version 4.30.2117.0 dated 11/8/2012 is version Nero 2014 using.
But with no support any new security vulnerabilities would not get patched right?

ref eol announce:

Secunia also advising clients to uninstall msxml4.
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  • I think it is foolish of Secunia to advise clients to uninstall msxml 4. Msxml 6 has no backwards association with msxml 4, which was a replacement for previous versions, although I think it still has some dependencies on previous versions, similar to msxml 3.5. If a program is not written to point to msxml 6 (even if it's installed), then it won't function if msxml 4 is removed. How many thousands, if not millions, of these programs are out there? What do people who rely on older versions of programs that aren't going to be updated do. Would anyone expect Nero to dust off v5-v12 and rewrite them for msxml 6?
    Not likely. What does Microsoft do with things like Office 97, 03, 07, etc. which are in use by millions of people? Personally, I've never seen a Windows security update for msxml on either of my systems so I'm not sure what is the intent of Microsoft's discontinuation of support means.

    Hopefully, one of the Nero employees will address this. If not, you should send an e-mail to I believe that any company that develops Windows programs would be aware of this. If you send an e-mail, let us know what they have to say.
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