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Where has all the loyalty gone?

I missed the email which offered Nero 15 Platinum for $59 and now I am looking at an upgrade price of $79. There is so much talk about customer care; and it doesn't matter which company you look at. What I don't hear in all of these "messages" from companies is the word "Loyalty". If Nero really wants to care for its customers then I strongly urge Nero to consider the power of the word, "Loyalty". If a company does a good job of caring for its customers the end result will be loyal customers. When a company has loyal customers everything just seems to fall into place. Loyal customers always come back for the new product. They always say positive things about the company when interacting with others. They never spend time looking for failure in the company. In the past few years Nero has chiseled away at the loyalty of its customers by placing too high of a premium on gaining new customers. When I began to see that a brand new customer was being enticed to "buy Nero" at the same price that I was being offered as a loyal customer for 10 years'; I felt the loyalty being chiseled away. Eventually, what was once a strong statue, will become a weak an indecisive one. Why companies have such a difficult time grasping this concept is that they are focusing on what they don't have instead of valuing what takes a concerted effort to earn "Loyalty"
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