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I’m frustrated

Where is the user guide for Nero Video 2017

I have just been given Nero 2017 Classic so I can create holiday DVDs from film I have shot. I use to use PowerDirector but my version did not work on Win10 and an upgrade needed a completely new PC before it would work. I was told that Nero was easy to use and not as resource heavy.

My problem is that Nero Video (advanced) is not very intuitiate and I cannot find any instructions. So far I have had to search teh internet to find how to lower the audio, crop clips and and titles to certain clips. I have jsut spent over an hour and still have not even got past the 2nd clip. Can someone please tell me where I can find a book based guide so I can easierly look stuff up AND see relavant screenshots. I am quickly beginning to regret asking for this software.
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