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Who is responsible for downloads purchased by a 3rd party?

I purchased a software download from Fry's for Nero Media Home 2018. I received a confirmation email with links for "Download 1" and "Download 2". However, Download 1 goes only to a blank page and won't download. The site that the download is coming from is I contacted Fry's and they say that I have to get help from Nero. Is the responsibility for this from Nero, Frys or the third party site? I can't get it to download and I can't talk to anyone.
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  • I'd say Fry's is responsible to get the answer to your questions even though they're just a Nero partner. Their website says the sale is fulfilled by Fry's. The version sold by Fry's is sold by Nero Inc., a subsidiary of Nero AG. There's not even a trial version download at the website.

    I suggest getting a refund. The picture of the box at Fry's doesn't indicate it's Nero MediaHome Unlimited so you wouldn't be able to burn with it. Nero AG has Unlimited for $29.95 right now at-
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    • Yes, to a degree. It turns out that Fry's does not issue refunds for software downloads. I argued with them that I wasn't able to successfully download the software. They sent me the links again and they finally worked. This is the second time I have had issues with Fry's downloads where they have had to individually resend links to me. I believe the problem is the links may become corrupted from the automated service that generates the confirmation emails. I would not buy software downloads from them again.
    • I'm glad you got it resolved. Nero provides a 30 day, no questions asked, return policy and I assume that applies to sales by their partners. We could have worked that angle, if necessary.
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