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Why am I not able to activate Nero TuneItUp PRO?

There are three potential error messages related to product activation.

(1) The serial number you provided is not correct

This error message means that the wrong serial number was entered. Make sure to check that the serial number is entered correctly and there are no common
mistakes, like using a zero instead of the letter O. Best to copy&paste from the order confirmation email you received.

(2) Please connect to the Internet.
This error can be caused by the internet connection being down. It may also occur if a firewall or internet security software is blocking the software's access to the internet. You will need to check the internet connection and check your security software.

You may also need to reset the internet settings for Internet Explorer :

Finally make sure that the time and date is set correctly, this can cause some problems.

Note: If you are running Windows XP, then please make sure that it has been updated to Service Pack 3.

(3) Unfortunately the programs Service is not available, please try again later

This can occur when the TLS protocols for the Internet are not enabled. This is due to
Microsoft removing SSL support along with Windows XP. You need to go to the Control
Panel, then Network and Internet and then Internet Options.

Go to Advanced and scroll down the list until you find TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. Make sure these are all checked and then click on Apply and OK.
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