Why is there no support option for "Nero Video 2017" and why am I unable to save my purchased software?

Two questions. When you go to support and asked to select the products why is there no listing for "Nero Video 2017". When I downloaded the file to install my "Nero Video 2017", why am I unable to save the file? I always burn it on a DVD so that if my system has a crash I will be able to reinstall the program. How am I suppose to do this?
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  • Nero (Official Rep) March 15, 2017 16:14
    Dear Shelby,

    Nero Video 2017 is selectable both in our customer service webform and in technical suppport webform.

    Please kindly check again our contact window below.


    We understood your second question as you want to download the installer and burn it on a DVD disc.
    When you purchase program, you'll get a download link on your order confirmation mail (the download link is valid for 1 month). You can burn the downloaded file onto a disc.
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