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I’m angry!

Why can't I see the imported playlist in MediaHome?

When I startup MediaHome, you can see the it is importing my M3u and WPL playlists on the Left-hand Music window pane; a vertical scroll bar is also displayed in that left-hand window pane. I think when MediaHome has imported all the playlists, it shrinks the music window pane and the list displayed in the window is reduced to only display the "Play" statistics (e.g. rated, recently added, recently played, music added in the last month, etc). I also just discovered that when it feel like it, the Music window pane will display its scroll-bar to reveal slightly more playlist - but the rest (over 90%) remaind hidden. The scroll-bar is only display for a moment before disappearing and I'm left look at the statistics again! What is going on here! Please find enclose the snap-shorts of my Music window pane.
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