I’m furious

Why do you think it's acceptable to spam people's PCs?

I was browsing the internet as normal when I saw a Nero pop-up on my computer.
"Odd", I thought. "I use adblock".
Then I realised to my horror that it was a program running on my machine.

This is the scheduled task your program installs.
(Users: go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler to stop Nero from running its malware on your machine.)

Why on earth do you think this is acceptable?
If I install a trial version of your product I do not feel it is necessary to be pressured into making a sale by re-appropriation of my personal computer.
These techniques are underhanded and dirty.

Naturally, I'll be switching to a different burning software (perhaps one made by a company who actually respects its users); I've made this thread in the hopes that a web crawler will pick it up and future google users will be able to see at-a-glance how to remove your malware from their system.

Shame on you.
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