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why does Nero do a complete backup of my computer everytime?

I am new to Nero and I am trying just to get the files which have changed backed up as it is I get a complete backup of the whole system and my external HDD is now nearly full. Must be simple to set up but I cannot see how or where. Help please
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    Which version are you using? Are you doing file backups or system backups?

    Ususally to "get just the files which have backed up" you make a differential or incremental file backup (with Nero BackItUp 12).
    Have a look at the manual

    Chapter 6 Backing Up Files
    Note Step 10 > 4 here (Select the backup type used for the following backups in the Select backup type drop-down menu (see Backup Types))

    Chapter 9.1 About Backup Types

    Does this work?
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